PCBot is a internet connected printer that helps you with electronics. You can chat with it and ask to print a breaboard circuit layout or ask for other assistance in building your electronic project.

PCBot is based on Intel Edison hosting a Telegram bot written in python connected to a thermal printer. Features:

  • full-scale breadboard paper templates: put them on top of the breadboard and stick the components trough the paper.
  • common electronic components and modules pinouts: you won’t need anymore to bring your laptop next to the solder station or go crazy with multiple datasheet tabs on your browser.
  • just a print any image: if you don’t find a compent or a breadboard just send an image URL to the PCBot printer. Share your breadboard template and help us grow the images database! github.com/FablabTorino/PCBot

PCBot from FablabTorino on Vimeo.