OSArc Manifesto

OSArc Manifesto is an installation created as an intermediary between the physical and the digital dimension. Developed in close collaboration between Carlorattiassociati and Fablab Torino, it was part of the Adhocracy exhibition curated by Joseph Grima for the Istanbul Design Biennial. For two months, every morning a plotter vertical rewrote a manifesto in constant evolution on a wall: the Opensource Architecture manifesto. At night, the plotter erased the entire canvas to resume the next day his work. Additions and removals between lines were due to changes made ​​by users on its digital version, available on Wikipedia, making of it a collective work. The framework used was based entirely on Processing for the Wikipedia pages analysis and generation of dynamic content and Arduino, to operate motors for movement and writing and calculate movements.

How it works

OSArc Manifesto video ## Photos ![OSArc1]Tracco ![OSArc2]Tracco ![Osarc3]Tracco ![Osarc3]Tracco ![Osarc3]Tracco ![Osarc3]Tracco